Starting treatment at the right time and in the right way can help better manage atopic dermatitis (AD).1

Over the years, there have been newer therapies approved, which enable people with AD to have better control over their skin conditions.2

Learn more about the most recent studies, therapies, and management techniques of AD from our experts.

Importance of Early AD Management

"Proper management of AD in its early stages could potentially halt the development of other diseases."

Do you know early management of AD could bring benefits to your child’s health? Know more from Dr Lynn Chiam, a Consultant Dermatologist from the Children and Adult Skin Clinic in Singapore.

Atopic dermatitis: An Overview

"It is important to seek a specialist's consultation if more than 10% of the body surface is covered with eczema."

How do you know if you have AD, and what is the proper diagnostic process to ensure effective treatment? Find out from Dr Yong Shin Shen, a Consultant Dermatologist from UM Specialist Centre (Malaysia).

Treating Atopic Dermatitis

Safe and effective treatment strategies offer "long-term control, prevent disease flares, and eventually heal the skin."

Although various treatment options are available, what constitutes an effective treatment strategy? Know more from Dr Jean Ho, a Dermatologist at Jean Ho Skin and Laser Clinic (Singapore).


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